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Imagine you are travelling to a country for the first time. You have prepared yourself to handle the issues you might face including the cultural ones and consider yourself well prepared. Despite all this preparation one thing that they cant change much is the fact that local language is what is prominent no matter where you go in the world. Suddenly, basic things like reading sign boards, making a phone call, buying a coffee, travel in any form of public transport become difficult activities. In my opinion some factors which can aggravate this problem is high language diversity and the low level of acceptance and/or knowledge of English.

What do you think you want at this time ? Probably nothing more than an 'assistant' who can talk the local language and help you out.

In the current scenario where all over the world more and more services are becoming m-enabled, there is probably no better medium than a mobile to offer this service. To keep things simple, we could possibly look at a SMS based solution for the expected solution. SMS has been hugely successful with many billion messages exachanged and this service will only probably add to that - ARPU goes up for the operators and travellers have an assistant that they can reach at all points.

Folks what do you think - Comments ?

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