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Using Mindmaps - 5 Tips to help you start

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We have been trained and retrained to think in a way that we cant apply directly to create and use mind maps. So lets agree that this can be a difficult first few attempts to move your activities and thinking into mind maps. But, based on what I have realized let me give you 5 tips which I feel will smoothen this transition.

Tip 1 - The tool does'nt matter too much when you start
Don't waste too much time thinking which is the best software to use. For a starter all software's are more or less the same. The mindset change in thinking is higher importance than the tool - you can always change the tool at any point. Just download Freemind and start !

Tip 2 - Keep it simple
When you start creating mind maps remember to keep the idea simple. Some possibilities I can think of
  • Map any one task on your place this day/week
  • Prepare for one meeting / discussion using a mind map
Tip 3 - Update regularly
When you map anything you need to remember that it is a live document. Don't create a map and forget it. Make it your companion and track your work through the map. Even if you think you cant manage that, spend at least 5 minutes everyday to update the day's happenings into the map

Tip 4 - Map goes out of sync is not useful
If you are using a hard copy as I had suggested earlier ensure that your soft copy remains in sync. You should have quite a bit to update into your map every week. If that is not the case give your map a rethink. Also remember if you dont update your map every week, your map will quickly go out of sync and getting it back to reality will be a big hurdle to cross.

Tip 5 - Implement the feedback process
If you have to collate information / send any report about the task you are using a map to work and track ensure that you use the map to construct it. If you need some information which is not in the map that should be a lesson learnt in your next map.

Even if you have everything on your mind somehow the first map does not flow onto paper. But don't worry one of my readers sent me this brilliant link of maps which I am sure will serve as just the right catalyst.


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