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Earn money from your blog - Free Tips (Update 2)

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Folks if you read my previous update one of the things I did mention is to zero in on a small subset of blogs which overlap with your blog content. Always had observed that whenever the number of items becomes high in any product / service a new breed of options which aggregate and segment information will definitely emerge and was surprised that I could not find that happening with blogs.

Lucky for me that I did not have to search for too long - it ended just now when I read about this posting on TechCrunch about such a aggregation service from Original Signal. The post mentions of a few other options but frankly I would choose Original Signal - two reasons,
  • I think the coverage is better
  • Presentation is extremely simple, elegant and well designed - for me any day simplicity scores !
So folks if you have started blogging recently your top questions probably are,
  1. What do I blog about ?
  2. What are the other top bloggers blogging about?
Yeah yeah I know that you have to have a focus on what you want to blog, but lets be practical it hardly starts that way. I believe that you would usually 'discover' your niche and learn to stick to it - but until then you need some help on what to blog on and I feel pages like Original Signal do a great job at this.

Hope you have a great blogging experience...

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