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Free Application to send/receive large files - Pando 1.2 Beta

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How often have you faced problems in sending large attachments via email ? Most corporate networks block email attachments beyond a certain size and this might put you into a fix.

Dont worry any more, you can e-mail files as large as 1GB with Pando, a free P2P app that overcomes the 10MB file-size barrier inherent to most mail servers.

  1. Inherent integration with mail programs such AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail. Users can continue to attach files normally and Pando jumps in to send it in Pando style if it sees that they are too large
  2. There's a Skype plug-in for sending files to your contacts in Skype
  3. Its free !
  1. The whole thing works only if the sender and receiver use Pando. Well this is not a big problem afterall (or may be it is - if your office computers don't allow you to install stuff for example !)

Interested in giving it a try - Download Pando 1.2 Beta

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