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Mozilla a great success - What next ?

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Mozilla has been one of the greatest successes in the browser world to challenge the supremacy of Internet Explorer. Since it was available for download, it has been downloaded over 200 million times and 7 million users are getting added by the day now - mostly switching from Microsoft's IE. I myself made the switch sometime back and Mozilla 2.0 has not disappointed me.

With the huge success of Mozilla a given, its only time that the next big thing is thought about ! According to John Ross and his programming partner Joe Hewitt
the top challenges in today's world for users to work and manage with data are

1. Big big gap between the desktop and internet. Users spend most of their time in transferring their data between a desktop and the internet and back. The data at the two places is still managed separately.

2. Data of different forms are managed at different places on the web. There is a best place to keep music, different best place for photos, something else for email and something else for communication and so on and so forth.

3. As a result of 1,2 a whole lot of people are getting behind in getting completely on the web and that is another big problem.

What is the solution ?

Ross’s answer is named Parakey. As he describes it, from a user’s point of view, Parakey is “a Web operating system that can do everything an OS can do.” Translation: it makes it really easy to store your stuff and share it with the world. Most or all of Parakey will be open source, under a license similar to Firefox’s. There are differences between the two projects, however. Although Ross plans to incorporate the talents and passions of the free-software community, he’s building Parakey around a for-profit business model. And he’s leading the charge with a simple battle cry: “One interface, not two!”

Parakey is not yet available but in case you seem interested in this product don't forget to register
for updates on how this product is going to take shape and when.

Interested in more details - go to following link

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