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Stikkit - Sticky Notes Reborn

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O'Reilly Radar highlights this article on Stikkit here. I have just copied a smalla extract below for quick reference,

"At the Web 2.0 Summit Launch Pad, Rael Dornfest and Michael Buffington launched Stikkit, a slick new site for organizing your life. The basic concept is simple: take notes in your browser instead of scrawling them on sticky notes and tacking them to your computer monitor, your desk, your cubicle walls, etc. But packed inside the simple metaphor of a yellow note pad is a rich user experience. The genius lies in extracting todos, calendar entries, contacts, bookmarks, and tags from the text you feed it. When you type in something that looks like an address, it extracts the address and stores it in your address book (or "my peeps" in stikkit-speak). Anything with a date is added to your calendar, and any bulleted item goes onto your todo list. You can tag any item, simply by saying "tag as foo" or the more convenient @foo"

The company has already started registering for trying out their BETA product. If you are already very interested and want to register and try out go here

Though I definitely agree that there are some nice features like peeking, stikking as I browse etc, personally, I don't think this will really not make any fundamental change in the way things work !

Reasons I think so,

1. Why do people stick notes up on their computer, door, desk ? It is *
not definitely only* to remember the things they are putting up in the note itself. One of the key drivers is for ensuring that it strikes their memory when it has to and when its apt. It is more about timing the reminder rather than just being a reminder. If everything I wanted to remember goes into a web site yes its all together at one place but, I have to open it and then figure out if I have completed all my things. Compare this with having a clear and clean desk and being sure that all things are taken care of !

2. To what extent would one go dependent on a device is a big question. I would rather be happy making out lists on small chits of paper and carry it with me rather than open a device (yes to access the note on the web !) to look up for my jobs to do !

Feedback please

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