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New (free) visual collaboration platforms

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When Google launched its Google Docs application with the facility where two users could communicate it definitely was in tune with the users expectations, atleast I thought so. A year or so later, though I don't have any hard usage figures, I have not really heard too many people who have really started using the collaborate feature there (you think otherwise ? would like know, please mail me ). Trying to address the question why is a not the objective of my post here, as I still trying to understand why !

However, today at TechCrunch I read that two companies ConceptShare and Thinkature are looking at taking the collaboration to the next level. Both companies are aiming for products that let users create shared visual workspaces that can be marked up and chatted in. Among other's visual designers, graphics designers, architects, cross border teams would all be particularly interested in getting know more about this. For someone planning events or otherwise looking to stop emailing or faxing visual objects back and forth - one of these two services might be just what they are looking for. Among the two products, Thinkature is simpler, free and available now. ConceptShare is more powerful, subscription based and due to come to market in a few weeks.

As companies in the IT domain are talking of a multinational approach - get things done where ever it makes maximum sense for both the supplier and the customer to get it done - cost, proximity, efficiency, language factors might all play a role. Looking at the working of these companies, I am definitely sure that a feature like visual collaboration is something that would offer a lot of benefits to teams which are not colocated. But dont think if corporates would be even willing to consider anything like this for sensitive company data on the free internet. ConceptShare, Thinkature - Are you folks planning something for these enterprise needs ?

Links : Feedback : Thinkature : Concept Share : TechCrunch

Downloads : Mozilla - a good browser : Skype 3.0 BETA

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