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I have now been actively blogging for a month and I realized that I haven't earned much or I should say nothing :( Is there any shortage of sites which offer free advice on what you should do on your blog to earn money.

I went through some of it and what do I propose to do - Just add to all the free advice available ? Yes but with a small change - every month going forward I propose to choose three areas where I will focus on making my blog earn money for me. I will review it at the end of the month and share with all of you if / not it made any impact on my earnings from my blog. Will plan for the next month and so it continues...

Current visitors to my site hover around the 50-100 per day mark. My target for December would be to push this to about 300-400 visitors per day.

Well probably ambitious but don't mind giving a try - my focus areas / approaches to achieve this in December are,

Blog 'original' content
I don't think any blogger can ever have an argument against this piece of advice. But is it just sufficient to write and post original content and hope that people will come there to read it. I will definitely try my best to write rather than copy content (also don't believe this is the right thing to do). Before you create content (could be your views, opinions) on any topic key thing is to see if the world is looking for it. Obviously the world is not always looking for things on which you can comment so I propose to define a wide enough set and wait for a event to blog on rather than just plain blogging on anything and everything.

Despite all this #1 worry on my mind is why would somebody ever come looking to my blog for the 'original' information I have written about. Yes, may be some of them will just land here but bottom line is I cant just laze around for people to come to my blog but I will need to do much much more than write fresh content. This thought leads me to my second approach

If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain
Wondering why I dropped this quote here? Well if users don't find my blog when they look for information best approach is provide the link to them where they go to get that information. Where do bloggers usually go - to the most popular blogs. What's new with that piece of information - nothing much I guess. But why on earth would a popular blog ever mention my blog on his - but I need to figure on his blog and the best way to do that would be post 'comments' on his blog.

If you blog often enough, you get noticed by the large number of visitors coming to the popular blog and I would hope some percentage of them would 'try' to find out a little more about me. Blogs' itself survive because of the power of a network and I see this as a good way of utilizing this network to funnel some traffic into my blog.

Yes of course if you have not already done it pls address the options like Technocrati, Slashdot etc.

Treat my visitors well
After all the pain and struggle it is very necessary to ensure that users who come to your website come back again and again. What can I do better for this
  • Keep my posts spaced out well, want somebody to come back as often as they want to. Will try my level best to stick to 1/2 posts per day
  • Give my visitors a complete view of happenings. If there is a interesting event in my focus area, I will provide links and information to this
  • Keep my design clean and simple - too much clutter will drive away people anyways (just my belief - feel free to ignore this)
Don't know if all this will make me meet my target above, but well how can I just say it wont without giving it a try. So wait for an update towards the end of December on if / not it made any impact.

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