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Happy and Prosperous New Year 2007 !

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Best wishes to all my readers for a happy and prosperous new year 2007.

If you did visit my BLOG in the last week you might have noticed that there has not been a single posting since 22/12 - reason was that we were traveling and I did not want to let blogging come in way of that :-)

We visited Aachen in Germany and Paris during last week and came back tired and exhausted late last night.

I have almost completed my travelogue for our visit to Amsterdam last weekend and will post it soon. I propose to utilize some time tomorrow for writing down a little about our trips last week and from Tuesday onwards it back to work and regular blogging :-)

I should have probably put up a note before I went off on vacation but apologies for not having done that.

Wishing a great new year ahead for all of you.

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