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John Chow Dot Com - Whats Good / Whats not ?

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Over the last few weeks John Chow Dot Com has been one of the sites that I have visited regularly. When I visited a few days back I saw that John has posted about his tryst with Pay Per Post here and here and that got me thinking a little more seriously of why I was visiting his site. When he asked for a review of what I think about his site I thought it would be a good idea to capture my thoughts.

Plus points of John Chow Dot Com
  • Nice and elegant design - particularly liked the change that he has made to blue color recently which makes site look more professional
  • Writing Style
    • Simple and Elegant style of writing - posts are usually of 'right' size
    • Great mix of matter, photos, advertisements
    • Particularly appreciate his update post style
  • John is a very responsive blogger - whenever I have made a posting on his site, more often than not the comment is addressed very soon

Minus points of John Chow Dot Com
  • Sometimes John gets very carried away with his topics and over blogs about them - for example, AGLOCO is something that John has taken up now. So what ?
    • Think his main theme of 'making money from a blog' usually takes a back seat too often in all this
  • Don't like the photos of his dinner visits at all - I still fail to understand why anybody would be interested in what he ate for dinner. I despise some of the photos considering I am a vegetarian !

Despite it being a 'paid post' I have tried my best to be candid about what I like and what I don't like about John Chow dot Com

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