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How often do you get promotional offers - a few times a day ? People are bombarded offers through all possible means via email,phones, pamplets, magazines, SMS alerts and anything else you can think of.

But how often do you use this information - I dont have any numbers but personally I dont feel too often. One of the biggest reasons for this is probably the timing when these offers come in. In most cases you are not looking for that information at that point of time and it probably directly reaches the trash. A focused approach is definitely more beneficial.

To make this promotional content more suited we can possibly focus on two key parameters - content and timing.

1. Google has probably mastered the art of getting the content right on the promotional ads. If I two parties discuss on a particular topic one of then is interested in what is being discussed and same is true for forms of mobile messaging as well. Why not push the ads based on what is being sent / recieved on mobiles ? Can extending the similar approach of placing ads based on content in email messages be extended to SMS/MMS - Are there privacy issues involved in this which is absent in emails ?

2. Push ads and promotional material based on where exaclty a user is at the given point of time. Based on the location of the user operators can push ads which the user can use where he is. Operators can present better coversion rates to the advertisers and better options for the user.

Folks what do you think - Comments ?

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