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Google Earth (Release 4 - BETA)

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Just read an update on the Google Earth has released a new release. Since the last release in Sep 2006, this new version according to the site has several improvements in the areas of icon management by creating a new icon palette, added line and polygon drawing tools to the free version of the product. Also are added the ability to print search results and placemarks, made it easier to select icons that are overlapping.

In addition to this for the Google Earth Pro subscribers, the premium modules are now free and included in the basic annual subscription price itself.

Impact of Google has been phenomenal. People have gotten used to getting products from Google free of cost, that it is rather difficult to imagine that even Google can charge money for its products (Google Earth being the only one though). Anyways, it is good to see that Google is working towards eliminating this anomaly to the best extent possible if not completely.

Anybody who has not already started getting addicted to Google products, I certainly urge you to give it a try and then see for yourself.

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