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Mind maps - Tool towards enhancing your productivity

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If you have worked for a while I am reasonably sure that you would have hit almost all the following situations
  • Tons of notes - but cant link the data / extract what you want when you want
  • Can see the links between discussion points - leads to a non optimal decision
  • Making a presentation and you get pointed 'why have you not considered this ?' - thought about it but got missed ?
  • Started a work weeks with 10 threads - completed 5 at the end of the week leaving you wondering how the others slipped ?
  • Just had a promotion and are finding the level of information overwhelming ?
I can go on and on .... but the point of providing this list is simple - if you want to avoid these just get to using mind maps.

There are a multitude of resources on mind mapping on the net and you can find them here and here and here and here. In this post I will try to summarize one survey I found on mind mapping and found it interesting.

Primary mind mapping software programs
  1. Mindmanager - 72.6%
  2. Freemind - 10.4%
Conclusion - Like any other product people would like to try a free application before moving into a paid software to manage mind maps. This in my understanding reflects two things
  1. Freemind has a great chance of gathering market from Mindmanager - I would love this being a fan of Opensource software platforms.
  2. The information availability on mind maps is relatively low which makes people to take route through a free application to get convinced about the relevance of mindmaps
Top 5 applications of mindmap's in today's context
  1. To Do Lists (58%)
  2. Preparing for Presentations (58%)
  3. Making Notes (56%)
  4. Problem Solving (53%)
  5. Project Planning (52%)
Conclusion - The range of applications for which mind maps are being used only implies that essentially mind maps can be used for anything and everything. Its only a matter of realizing the need for that and able to map the activities. A approach with such a broad range of applications is definitely bound to catch on

Time spent per day on mindmap's
  1. > 1 Hr - 40.4%
  2. 1-2 Hr - 33%
Conclusion - The large % of people seem to be spending only 20-30% of the work day on mindmaps which probably means that it still remains a support system and not a mainstream activity.

Top 5 benefits from mindmap's
  1. Clarity of Thinking
  2. Manage Information overload
  3. Improved Productivity
  4. Better organization of tasks
  5. Visualize information relationships
Conclusion - No other type of program enables you to record your ideas, thoughts and knowledge and rearrange them up with the flexibility that mind mapping software enables.

Top 3 hurdles for widespread acceptance of mindmap's
  1. Lack of adequate knowledge of mindmapping
  2. Acceptance of mindmapping by others
  3. Software not easy and intuitive
Conclusion - Seems to be a difficult issue which needs an all round effort to ensure better acceptance and mainstream usage of mindmap's

The survey itself covers a few more topics and ideas. Pls go here to get a copy of the complete pdf of the survey results.


Anonymous said...

There are two places I found that no one who likes mindmapping should be without.

Pages and pages of mindmaps with pictures and links:

Big list of mindmapping software: (he claims to have them all)

Raghavendra Prasad said...

Thanks for the links - I have referred them in my next post on the topic of mindmaps