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'Bangalored" is now "Bengaloru'ed"

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On the 1st of November on the day the state of Karnataka celebrated its 50th birthday the chief minister of the state renamed Bangalore to Bengaloru. The legalities will now follow and the name would become official soon. Its not the first city in India to change its name - Trivandrum, Bombay, Madras, Calcutta have all changed names in the past, but I still fail to understand how this can make any impact anything - people or the way of working. People who identify themselves with the city will do so irrespective of the name and people who dont will never do so ! I am a kannadiga, resident of Bangalore ever since I was born and have always remembered the name of my city as Bengaloru and nothing else. Does forcing other people / systems to say the name of the city in a particular way make it any better at all - I don't think so.

Name changes and associated hungama around it are usually driven by various motives (possibly political) and I don't think provide the intended impact. Make the city a better place to live in lets get on with life.

Ah yes people tend to say that Bangalore was a great place to stay without all the IT companies around. Definitely agree to that, still remember the great days we used to play cricket on the roads but and now its quite a ordeal to walk on the roads ! But can a city avoid progress - cities across the world have never been able to resist growth and once the growth becomes un-managable it usually resorts to these tactics of saying that growth was a bad thing to happen to it. As a Bangalorean and also a IT professional, it definitely gives me pride when I read that 'Bangalored' is without a doubt understood as a alternative for 'outsourced'. But yes with that up's comes the down's of problems with infrastructure, traffic, high costs etc and personally I am willing to live with it.

My humble request is to take pride in the success our city has achieved and make it a global city and great place where people and companies would want to come more and more.

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