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Saddam Hussein Is Sentenced to Death

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Just read and heard that Saddam Hussein is sentenced to death by hanging. Also read and heard that the world is applauding this decision of the 'people of Iraq'. Some thoughts on my mind,

1. Is death sentence the best thing to happen. For a man who tortured and killed many people in the past is a death sentence the best option ? He does not get to feel the pain that he put people through

2. For a long time nothing much happened in the Saddam case, but suddenly as we get closer to the mid term elections in the US of A things seemed to have hastened up a lot.

3. The fights between the Sunni and Shia's is already on the high side - How will this decision change the dynamics there ?

4. A repeated mention of the possibility of his appealing was mentioned on BBC. But how good will this process of appeal be and will things be really fair to him

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