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3 reasons that differentiate a mobile market from others

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The number of mobile users over the last few years has faced tremendous growth and is over 2 billion users and almost knocking on the doors of 3 Bn users. The set of mobile users are significantly different from what markets companies have been addressing thus far. It has a number of factors which differentiate it from the other markets of which I think the following 3 are really key

Any company which can get access to the mobile user means that any advertising done via the mobile is definitely reaching its end point. Lack of surety of this aspect was one of the major disadvantages of a TV, Radio or any form of Print Media. Mobile changes this whole equation and offers the potential to establish a dedicated link between the sender and receiver of information. So the challenge seems to shift from getting to the right person to getting the right information.

A mobile is a personal device and knowing a person can mean I can tunnel more and more relevant information to the end consumer. This would have benefits in all forms of push information be it advertisements, request for support or anything else. So the challenge is not towards designing information based on broad segmenting of say for example channels / programs but on actual information of the person who is using the mobile.

Most of the phenomenal growth that is happening in the mobile world is from markets like India, China etc. This is throwing up a new challenge where new consumers are getting available, but they are not following the curve that advertisers and companies are used to. These consumers have taken a leap and offer a whole lot of information about themselves which most firms dont even know how to use it.

On the same note came across this interesting write up - Metrics and Trends by J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., VP & Chief Analyst, Mobile & Wireless , Frost & Sullivan

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