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6.11.06 - Enough muscle to take on Google Applications?

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Just read a post on TechCrunch about Topix getting funded with another Mn 15 USD. What does Topix offer that Yahoo! News and Google News dont?

As TechCrunch mentions,
"A few things. When Topix relaunched in August, the company said its index had grown to include 50,000 news sources - 10 times more than the Google News and 7 times as large as Yahoo! News. Topix has topical pages, has strong search by zip code, integrates relatively active forums and visualization. The year long time line displayed with every search is a fast way to skip to a particular date in a news search and shows the context of the point in time you are skipping to. Try using the timeline on Topix and then try to accomplish the same result with Yahoo or Google news search. Topix also has the most extensive support for RSS"

With Google Maps and Google Earth I think Google can create a great offering by providing localized content in a fresh and interesting manner in which other probably cant. Possible options which I can think of,

a. Allow the user on the map. You can even keep track of the places where the user has visited. Just keeping track of this can throw up interesting information about the end user which Google can probably use

b. The user can probably set filters based on topic and the news related to this at different places in the world can be marked out for him the map for example.

Links : Topix : TechCrunch : Google Earth : Google Maps

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