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India secure historic win against South Africa

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India stormed to one of their most memorable wins of all time amid historic scenes at the Wanderers, wrapping up a comprehensive 123-run victory on the fourth day of the first Test. This was a feat that not anybody really believed the Indian team could pull off particularly in its current form !

I din't watch the match so don't really know what happened on the ground but some comments !
  • Ganguly seems to be finally applying his mind to the game - guess that is the only thing that can enable him play longer in the Indian team.
  • If there is one player in the Indian team who is performing in almost every test match in the recent past it should definitely be Kumble. Kumble once again for the umpteenth time in his long career led an efficient mop-up operation and assisted in putting to rest a 14-year history of never winning a Test in South Africa. Good for Kumble and the team.
I don't think that this would change the fortunes of the team too much and the next test is as unpredictable as this one was before it started, but at least this win gives the team a thread of hope to play the remaining one day matches.

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