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10 Ways to Use LinkedIn

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I came across a nice article titled "Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn" and below are the 10 ways that he lists down of how one could use LinkedIn
  • Improve your visibility
  • Improve your connectability
  • Improve your Google Page Rank
  • Enhance your search engine results
  • Perform blind, “reverse,” and company reference checks
  • Increase the relevancy of your job search
  • Make your interview go smoother
  • Gauge the health of a company
  • Gauge the health of an industry
  • Ask for advice
I definitely agree to most of the points that are listed above so to a higher extent than the others.

Some of the important situations in which LinkedIn would help much more than many other sites on the web world are,
  1. Looking for a job yourself or for your firm
  2. Planning to build a start up - No better place than get to know about your contacts and what they are doing right now than LinkedIn
  3. Do you have a product focused on the job market - LinkedIn is a great place to market it !
Although LinkedIn is one of the foremost 'networking' sites it has really maintained its focus and niche to remain centered around the "job area" which in my personal opinion is a great idea. In today's world obviously there is no dearth of networking sites and I would really want to be part of a niche rather than catch all site.


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