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Commenting on my blog - a request !

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I was reading Dion's blog today at the end of his posting I read his request for comment which read "Web 2.0 is about participation! Visitors are strongly encouraged to leave comments...".

The key point that stuck me was Web 2.0 is all about communication, interaction and collective wisdom. On my blog however, although on an average I get about 100+ visitors which is good news for me, but my readers hardly leave any comments for me which is not :-(

I honestly urge you to leave comments on my blog (anonymously at least) which will go a long way in,
  1. Improve the quality of my posting - I am sure that I must have a long way to go before I can be confident and comfortable about the quality of the postings that I am making.
  2. Improve the relevance of postings - If I get some comments on my blog I get a handle to work towards improving the relevance of my postings to my readers. It will help me not waste time on irrelevant posting that is not required.
  3. Ideas for content - I must have read that comments are a source for blog posting ideas on almost all sites which provide some tips on this area. So folks please help me out !

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