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How to be creative - ChangeThis Manifestos

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Today I read about a manifesto titled “How to be Creative” on Guy's blog and was very impressed at not only the specific manifesto but also with the idea. So I went to ChangeThis and read up a few more manifesto's.

So what is ChangeThis - read on how they introduce themselves just read their manifesto here.

I went through the following 5 manifestos before writing out this post
  1. How to be Creative
  2. Reclaim Your Life: A Two-Week Challenge to Help You Regain Time
  3. How to Become a Customer Action Hero in 10 Steps
  4. Elegant Solutions: Breakthrough Thinking the Toyota Way
  5. No Need to Fear: How Global Outsourcing Equals Opportunity


Amit said...


Although I did like the manifestos itself I don't understand the difference in the umpteen number of sites that probably do the same thing.

A blog can do the very same thing, in addition to allowing for discussion also !

Raghavendra Prasad said...


I agree with you that it is very much possible that you can gather the information from a list of blog's news sites etc (the site itself mentions it). To me objectives of this site are two fold

1. The manifestos are not intended to be an alternative to blogging/web sites but rather to initiate discussion on blogs and web sites - I guess in lay man terms you can see it as a 'source of content'

2. Any idea / concept unless presented or summarized in a well thought of manner, it is certain to die a slow death. ChangeThis is presenting a concept in a well thought of manner which might ensure better discussion and debate before the verdict is passed

Tim said...

I particularly liked the manifesto on creativity and elegant innovation...