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Keeping my blog up to date - Monthly Review (Dec 2006)

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Was reading an interesting item today titled "How To Market Your Blog in 2007" at and it occurred to me that I have not reviewed my blog in Dec 2006. I did a quick review and here is a summary,
  1. I took a quick look at the nature of topics I was blogging on and coupled with a study of the type of content that people are coming to my blog for, and I decided to re-look on the blogging categories that I was focusing on. I decided to prune down the list based on the following considerations for every blog post of mine,
    • Attract new traffic to my blog
    • Retain traffic on my blog
    • Get personal 'satisfaction' from writing that blog entry
  2. Keeping in mind the above factors, I have decided the following as my focus areas,
    • Blogging Topics - Tips, Suggestions, Corporate Blogging
    • Indian Business Scenario - Indian Retail, Indian Telecom scenario
    • Telecommunication - Technology focus in this domain
    • Web 2.0 - Technologies, Business Models etc.
    • Mindmaps - Tools, tips, techniques
    • News - What is current in today's scenario, but focused on technology, business
    • Ramblings - Some random brainwaves that come to my mind with my spin on that
    • Others - a sudden surge to blog about something but does not fall into any of the above categories
  3. Continue focus on 'commenting' on popular blogs and get traffic from them. Over the last few days/weeks I have been regularly commenting on the benefits are quite visible. Last month 35% of my visitors were courtesy . I propose to choose a set of 3 blogs this month to add to John's site to take this exercise forward. However, one point is that the traffic from increased substantially after he added the top commentators segment on his blog, and I was thinking of starting commenting on popular blogs which have this feature on.
  4. Over the few 100 blogs that I have seen there are a few initiatives that I liked and I propose to implement them on mine too,
    • Cover a blog a week. I will choose blogs which have a popularity and fall in my area of focus to start this exercise
    • Will make a monthly posting of the blogs that I liked in all what I saw that month
    • Target at least one interview to post on my blog per month.
  5. On the advertising front, I thought I was using too many options and I have removed things which don't seem to work at least for me. Starting today I have removed Text Link Ads and the Amazon Affliliates Program - I currently have the following streams, Google Adsense, Chitika Minimalls, BlogKits and Adbrite running on my network.
Some quick facts ...

Daily Traffic (average in month of Dec) - 200 page views / day
Money Earned - Still not anything substantial, and I will keep it with me

Targets for this month - Push the traffic to at least 300 page views / day.


Michael Kwan said...

Maybe I should do one of these. My traffic has been steadily increasing, but I'm still only hovering around 100 hits/day mark.

Raghavendra Prasad said...

Hi Michael,

Sure you should probably do some of these things on your blog too.

However, the point on blog reviews etc is turning out to be a little difficult for me at least !

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