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Top Trends at CES

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Well CES is winding down and was reading today at GigaOM a posting titled "Top 5 trends at CES" which are, Content Everywhere, Mobile TV, Location Aware, High Def, Storage Jump

When I read the posting to me it appeared that there were just one word which stood out - "CONTENT".

Well what is so unexpected about it after all a event usually makes an attempt to address the top of mind issue at that point in time, in the process further contributes to the trend itself.

I dont think anybody today argue's if or not content is king - further with user generated content catching up in all forms of content focus on content only will increase. So what are the top issues that one would face in the coming year (s) around this word CONTENT

1. Create, Store and Share Content both offline and online
2. Experience Content at each place in the most convenient way - Location aware content, Mobile TV, High Definition devices

So as is expected this area is mostly evolving and products released this year in these areas would go some way in hastening this movement. Read some of the CES press releases here

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