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Google acquires JotSpot...

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Just read that Google has acquired JotSpot (

IMHO this makes a lot of sense for Google. Why do I think so ?

Nobody in the world questions the fact that Google is the undisputed leader in the internet search market. But I have read quite a few articles about how Google should start looking at other streams to monetize and not get dependent on search alone.

I dont think Google thinks the same way but is focusing its energies on creating ways and means of getting users to become more and more dependent on 'search' - I definitely seem to agree with this thinking. I think Google's approach for this is simple - get more and more users to colloborate and create a bigger information base on the internet.

Some of the steps that Google has taken in the last few months seem to corroborate my claim - acquisition of Writely, launch of spreadsheets, acquisition of YouTube were all towards providing users a framework to create information on the internet. The next logical step is allowing users to 'organize' this content on the internet and this is where I believe this latest acquisition of JotSpot comes in.

If all these steps go right for Google, more information should be available on the intenet organized in a logical form. To get to the right information people would hopefully put the search capabilities of Google to use and that again fuels the proven and tested model that Google uses to make money today !

Would love to hear thoughts / comments.

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