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Pikeo - new kid off the block...

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As I was browsing today I hit upon a new application called Pikeo ( , This application has been developed as a beta product from France Telecom Research and Development LLC.

In short, Pikeo is an online picture tagging and sharing application that aims to help users build stories with the pictures that they have captured. As I was telling in my earlier post today, using pictorial markers is what the mind usually relies on and this will only mean that pictures tell better stories when you can actually merge them into your story.

The application is still in beta and registration in on invitation only (I dont have one as yet !), but I would definitely interested to try it out.

With the limited time I spent trying to figure out about Pikeo some thoughts that are top of my mind are,

1. Does one really need a 'application' to stories around photos - merging pictures into stories is possibly the best way to tell stories, with or without Pikeo - so what does Pikeo offer to me that makes this task simpler and more interesting ?

2. I might want to build all my stories around photos, but would definitely restrict sharing such stories to only members of my close and trusted members of my network. Does Pikeo distinguish this and if yes how does it differentiate between inner and outer cirles of my communities.
[ On this point the thought of how communities are becoming more and more powerful vehicles to pass messages, a thing for which brands were build and thrived seems to be discussed in the book titled "Communities Dominate Brands" by Alan Moore and Tomi T. Ahonen - Am planning to read this book soon. You can check out the books blog at ]

3. I have my doubts if Pikeo has enough 'new-new' features to make this profitable ?

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