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Free copy of Vista - not for long !

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Thinking of getting yourself a free copy of Vista at the web cafe round the corner - sure you can do that but Microsoft says it may not work for too long. Read more details about this here.

Recently read an interesting post about why piracy is not bad for the industry here and as mentioned there one of the key reasons which resulted in the phenomenal rise of Windows as compared to UNIX was its easy availability. I however also think that coupled with this easy availability the simple and friendly usability features of Windows did go a long way in influencing users. However, I think that this no longer really plays as important a role as when Windows 95 / Windows 2000 came out. Linux installs today are far more user friendly and easy to start working with. So this being the case to whom is the availability of a free pirated version of Vista benefit - the current windows user rather than a user who already has Linux installed on his PC.

At a more fundamental level, I don't think even Microsoft is too bothered about the release of Vista for the sole reason that more and more services are being offered on the web as a service and the impact that Vista can have on changing or altering this is minimal.

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