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Free web page annotation

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After I read about the posting on this topic on Techcrunch I did some reading of the area around Web annotation. Below is a summary

Wikipedia definition :
"A Web annotation is an online-annotation associated with a web resource (typically a web page). By using a Web annotation system a user can add, modify or remove information from a Web resource without actually modifying the resource itself. The annotations can be thought of as being applied on a layer on top of the existing resource. Any particular annotation layer is visible to users who share the same annotation system and can remain transparent to all others"

Web annotation space is a relatively crowded space - some of the services which support collaborative annotation are TrailFire and Diigo and Stickis.

Just tried out Fleck which Techcrunch notes a new entrant.

1. Simple and elegant interface
2. Anyone can use it without creating an account or installing a browser plug-in.

1. Works only with Mozilla as of now - will surely change in the near future
2. Very minimal set of annotation tool tips - why cant I have things like different shapes for annotations, color options etc. All options that users have on document editing software would be expected
3. No linkage to blogging tools - even when they do how will it link is a question

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