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Well I am sure most of us (including myself) have read this posting or similar ones umpteen number of times - so your first reaction would be to ignore it as a hoax.

If you were around during the internet bubble in 1999-2000 you might remember a company called AllAdvantage which distributed money to its members for using the web - distributed about $100 Mn and then went down with the burst.

Why I am tell you this is because they are back now as Agloco and they work like this

AGLOCO is a global community which belongs to the members of the community itself. In other words there might be millions of internet users who might eventually become owners of the network itself. Objective of the network is to capture the value generated by this community and return it back to themselves. The 'return' of value could be either in cash / stock of the company. AGLOCO aims to list its stock in the future.

How does it work - Each member of the AGLOCO community downloads a viewbar (yet to be made available) and then continues his normal life as a internet user. Along the way he generates a lot of revenue for the network and hopefully for himself. Key points are that users are not asked for any personal data and porn / adult sites are excluded.

The more people join AGLOCO™ , the more value the community will generate for itself. The company believes those that build the community deserve more: your own profits become larger the more people you refer. You can accumulate hours not only from your Internet activity but also from those who you refer, and their referrals to. Curious to understand how much you would earn from this - first register yourself and then check out this calculator.

Folks this is a definite win-win proposition and would urge you to go ahead and register yourself - Please remember to use my referral link here

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