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My experiment with using mindmaps - update #1

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For the last month I started using mindmaps actively for managing all my office and personal work and I must say that it has been of great help. Yes it was quite a burden to put all the information in verbose form on one map - but I did that and that I must say was half the battle won ! I use a full expanded form of this map on A3 as my companion in all my meetings and discussions. All discussions point during the week get synced up and the map get cleaned every week.


1. Extremely helpful for tracking activities - chance of losing sight of a thread is minimal
2. Any day you want to generate a one page summary of your work thus far on a activity this view will come in handy


1. A lot of motivation is needed to get it started primarily because it a change in our way of thinking
2. Time and patience to keep your working paper copy and the copy on the computer in sync is necessary

What features might be helpful on the product I use
(at the moment I definitely don't want to graduate out of the free version I use)

1. Can I link task lists with a map element - I agree I can still do it but I cannot attach dates, reminders to that
2. Generate some reports out of my mind map - pending activities for a task for example, my action items as on a given day etc.
3. Mark and print parts of the mind map is another feature that I found missing

Will add more as I use the mind maps further. Read my previous post on mind maps here

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