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GMail on Mobile

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Just read a post that Google is planning to make Gmail available on mobiles - what is new it always was and is accessible via the internet. Yes but Google's stated aim is that it wants to make the user experience (speed, look and feel etc) same irrespective of the device the user is using.

The aim is also to maintain most of the features like the ability to search through one's e-mail history, to organize e-mails according to conversation, and automatic synchronization so any e-mail read on the phone show up as already read when you sign on a computer the next time.

Why should Google be sopposedly doing this - tried hard but could not come up with too many reasons !

One of the thoughts that came to my mind was that users typically want to access specific official mail / get reminders etc as they travel. Options they have today like Blackberry are good and efficient at what they do, but how does Google aim to challenge these folks. Obviously they would provide this service / application free but how will they address concerns of security, cost of downloads etc.

As of today one of the things which I thought was weak in Google was its Calendar service. If a reminder comes into the GMail mailbox on a upcoming appointment it is of little use to me as that information is not pushed to me ! If it can deliver these over GMail on Mobile to the users mobile it might get a little more beneficial for users.

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