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AGLOCO - How much longer for the ViewBar ?

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It has been over 3 weeks since I registered to AGLOCO and I got about 16 members into my chain since then. Well my efforts are still on to get more people, but are my efforts at full steam - definitely no !

I read John's post titled "You Rank In The Top 0.03% Of All Members" and this made me check my account for my ranking. I was in the top 1.89% of the users on AGLOCO and this was quite not the number I intended to see. John with over 1400 members is in the top .03% and me with my paltry 16 members am still within the top 2% of the users.

I tried to understand this number a little bit and I came to some of the following observations

1. As John says 80% of the users on the AGLOCO network are not literally 'working' to enhance the network in any way. They are just dead weight at least in so far as enhancing the benefits of the network goes.

2. If this is the case I disagree to John's point that he will have to harder to retain his rating. I think it depends on what type of users get added into the system as a result of new additions. If all that gets added is the dead weight, even without doing anything his rating will continue to remain more or less at the top

3. Is the delay (I dont know if its a delay simply because the AGLOCO website says nothing) in coming out with the ViewBar might simply take off the sheen in the whole additions and hype that AGLOCO has received in the last few weeks.

4. If I need to get my referrals install the ViewBar after they have forgotten about the whole thing it will be very possible that my conversion rate would be no better than say 30-40% of my network size.

5. One benefit or getting the ViewBar out early would have been that I could have used real time data of the earnings to get more referrals into my network. No better that real $$$ to make a statement

If any of my readers are still without an AGLOCO account - Register yourself NOW !

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