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Google Finance changes front page design

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If you use Google Finance to track your portfolio you might be interested to know that the front page has been changed. The page has 5 sections now,
  • Market Summary
  • Today's News
  • Sector Summary
  • Recent Quotes
  • Top Movers
The other pages such as detailed information page for a stock has not changed and stays the same.

Signals that I pick up from this change,
  • Google still probably looks at what clicks users of the web page are doing and ensure that at least a good % of them find what they want with minimum number of clicks.
  • The information that has been added is definitely useful and am happy about the change. However one of the things that I have always liked and appreciated in all Google sites is the brilliant use of real estate. Most Google sites have an uncanny ability to keep only what is accessed for on the front page and everything else hidden. As far as I can see the current content on is probably the maximum on any Google page. I would strongly advise that Google should refrain from adding any more information on the finance page.
  • Possibly Google can look at adding commodities information also on the finance page

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