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Is BlogKits working ?

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Read about BlogKits at several places and myself was looking forward to an alternative to Google Adsense which made me start using it a couple weeks back. Probably the jury is still out in deciding if or not BlogKits has been useful to the 99% of the users that Jim Kukral said it would. I definitely agree that it is probably a little too early to decide if or not BlogKits has made a difference but in my case it still has to bring in the first $$

If somebody who is reading this has answers to my questions below please help me out,
  1. Can somebody tell me if you have really made money with BlogKits - would be more interested in hearing from people who were not making any money from Google Adsense. If yes please have a look at my site and tell me what am I doing wrong.
  2. Is there any way in which I can control the ads or target the ads to a specific domain / segment - say for example I am writing quite a few wireless related posts and I want to restrict the ads to that domain / area - Is it possible at all ?
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