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Update #1 from AGLOCO - finally !

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Before you go any further - if you have not already signed up sign up today - sign up here

It has been over 3/4 weeks since I signed up and I get a thank you mail today from AGLOCO - the first thought that came to my mind was that the ViewBar must have been released, but no....

I was really unhappy at what I got from them - nothing useful at all ! The theme of the mail was to support them to in their campaign to sign up 10 Mn customers by end of June 2007. Sure if I did not want to grow their network, why would I ever get on to the network in the first place.

But AGLOCO needs to realize two things - my route to make money needs two steps
  1. The ViewBar needs to be released - a small note somewhere in the mail from them says that it will take them 7-10 weeks , which means they will take away 2.5 months of the 6 months they have to reach that target.
  2. Get my people on the network to install and use ViewBar - the longer the delay in releasing a ViewBar the tougher my job as a member becomes,
    • I have to first work towards building the network without a 'real' story - but I don't get anything 'different'. What is the benefit of adding users today or after 6 months ?
    • Trying to add members today means I have to work twice as hard - once to get members on my network and then after that when they might have already forgotten about the registration, to get them install and use the ViewBar !

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