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101 Management Tips - Do these lists work ?

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A couple of days back I was reading an article titled "101 Management Tips" and liked the simplicity of some of the tips. I will not go into each of the tips but the tips were organized into the following categories
  • Self before Service is the Key - Manage Self first
  • Time and Tide wait for no one - Manage Time
  • The Human side of managing people - Manage People
  • Make every penny count - Managing money pays off
  • Just do it - Managing Tasks takes talent
  • Sourcing Sources - Manage resources resourcefully
  • They are the reason why you exist - Manage your Customers confidently
  • Change is inevitable - Manage critical and chaotic crisis
  • Aims and aspirations - Manage objectives objectively
Well after I read it I was really stuck by the simplicity of the rules themselves then why is it that this common sense tips are not commonly found.

Could think of the following reasons,
  1. After all the everything is in the details and if that is the case the simpler you make the rules - this higher the chances of misinterpreting it
  2. The interaction of person to person makes the environment so complex that applying these rules is a herculean task
  3. On some rules the result simply depends on the tools you use - so you might be simply be unable to achieve a level of success irrespective of how well you might be doing things if you are using the wrong tools

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