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Blogg-Buzz - Digg alternative for bloggers

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When I started blogging a few months back obviously one of my top most areas of concern was that what can I do to increase my traffic. I tried many options,
  1. Blogging on topics which interest me
  2. Focus on a set of interesting blogs - comment and discuss my thoughts on those blogs
  3. Take a shot at trying to post articles on Digg - yes a great option to have traffic on your blog
Traffic has no doubt increased, and coupled with some improvement in my blogging quality things are looking up. However, I started reading at John's blog a few other places that Digg could be quite undemocratic in banning sites etc and was on the lookout for other options and good to see that you have started one on those lines.

As I was looking for different options I came across a new option called
Blogg-Buzz today which looks like a specific site targeted at providing a Digg like service to blogs.

What I like about Blogg-Buzz
  1. Simple and clean interface
  2. Focus on blogs - but how do you propose to control submissions ?
  3. Willingness to accept that its like Digg - at least that itself can give you a lot of publicity to start with
What I don't like about Blogg-Buzz
  1. Web Page Design - Definitely can improve. The fonts at some places are not matching with their status on the page. For example the fonts on the tabs at the top of the page are too small
  2. If the intent of having the Top Buzzers section is to grow your network and hence grow yourself, then I think it has to come out cleaner. The page in my information is too information heavy.
  3. Many of the things are a little bit from what you might expect from a professional site - but I guess that will simply evolve.
I just became a member on the site and am hoping to use it in the coming days. Let me see how it works out.

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