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Flickr has an opinion on most popular cameras

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Flickr makes an interesting addition on its web page - It is giving statistics of which devices (top end, point and shoot and mobile cameras) are being used by people to upload photos onto its website.

Some thoughts on this enhancement...
  1. High levels of traffic (not saying that they had a shortage) to the site purely to try out how a upload any user makes to the rankings. The best part of this enhancement is that it must really have been something which hardly cost anything to implement - after all the users give all the details on their photo meta-data fields.
  2. From what I know it must probably the first usage of meta data to collect usage patterns
  3. If they have to make any viable business case on this there is a lot of work to be done - a few hurdles to cross in my opinion are,
  • Can they restrict this analysis on what data they have and not make changes to the upload process in the greed to collect more data - this might just push away users
  • Why should I share data with an entity - two reasons firstly its my private data as to which camera I use and secondly I don't get back anything for my data !
  • My belief around publicly available information is the more the number of people who have it the less important it becomes - how will Flickr ensure usefulness of data and still keep it public

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