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Google invests in Meraki

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Just read a posting on GigaOM that Google has invested in Meraki Networks.

Meraki says their goal is to enable a grassroots movement of small wireless ISP's by providing them everything they need to get started. Towards achieving this Meraki aims to provide an integrated package of software, hardware, and management services that make it possible for everyday people to build mesh networks and become Internet service providers. Meraki's platform is an afforable and simple way to connect communities, apartment complexes, or business districts to the Internet at low cost. Meraki has the following support

Those goals match to what Google has been stating about their plans for their WiFi networks — deliver wireless broadband for cheap and outside the confines of the current telco/cable industries.

But why does Google want to do something like this is what I fail to understand - why does a company specializing in search and data related solutions bother about the acceptance and ease of wifi solutions. I personally think that Google is wasting its money and resources in promoting resources of this nature

Assuming that all goes well with a company like Meraki what can be achieved does'nt look attractive enough to me at least for Google to invest.
  • Creation of communities of web connections in a mesh format in a easier manner. Well this would have been necessary possibly a few years ago but not with the range of web community applications I think this is an absolute waste of time
  • Google will just get more users (possibly of adhoc networks) - but is that something that Google lacks at this point of time ?
  • Yes of course there is the possibility that intra mesh communications can be perceived by the users of that network as a safe arena to share information. But is attacking the hardware manufacturers who might assist be an approach for Google - I don't think so.

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