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Options for online mind mapping

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Over the last few weeks that I have been blogging if there is one tag cloud that I have been exposed to it must be web 2.0 and I tend to agree that we would see more and more of the move towards a virtual desk. Key source of content generation would be through communities on the web and collaboration with the web as a platform is something which is here to stay.

That's looked very good at a concept level and there are innumerable applications where this is already seen. From my recent postings it should be obvious that I am currently using mind maps for my day to day working - both office and personal life. So I went to the web to search for online mind mapping solutions and it was not very surprising that I just found one such service from Mayomi. Anyways not be discouraged by this, I went ahead and registered myself there and at the very least I can summarize what I found there as a interface not ready for professional use.

So that led me to think a little deeper on why in the first place I did not firstly find more options and secondly something more ready for large scale use. Let me try to explain why
  1. Mind mapping is a very nascent concept without any widespread acceptance as a better tool for several activities that we do. There also seems to be no agreement on the fact that it would be tool for productivity improvements.
  2. Point #1 could either be seen as a opportunity or as a hurdle. Looking at the scenario it appears that people look at it as more of a hurdle than any opportunity
  3. Lack of standardization in creating and saving maps. If a company comes up with this offering but I cant move a map created there into another website or product the acceptance of this will be limited
Anyways would love to hear somebody starting a website where this service is provided - are you listening folks ?


minus3 said...

you can use my js flowchart tool for this:

a demo is available at:

I'm still looking for some good developers to join.

Raghavendra Prasad said...

I just had a look at your 'demo' but either I am unable to run it or seems to be some problem in getting to use it (sorry but don't understand the language either)

But I definitely think Mindmapping options online need can make life a lot better.